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FBM granita dispenser for making and dispensing granita and other chilled drinks such as sherbets, cocktails and cold creams.
The FBM line includes compact, reliable models with 1 to 3 bowls.
Their total visibility increases the number of your sales and ensures high profits. 
10 litre capacity, shockproof,food- grade polycarbonate bowls.
Thermostats for use as cold drink dispenser and storage during the night. 
With lighted top covers and patented magnetic drive system.

Atlas 2 is the ideal dispenser for granita, cocktails and other frozen beverages when sales volumes are very high and concentrated in a short space of time. Its high dispensing capacity, total product visibility and attractiveness of the large lighted top covers increase sales and profits.
15 litre capacity, shockproof, food-grade polycarbonate bowls.


Simple and versatile, they are designed to cool and dispense delicate non-carbonated drinks using a magnetic submerged impeller .
Models with a gravity tap and/or magnetic pump are available on request.
5, 8 or 12 litre capacity, shockproof, food grade polycarbonate bowls.

Counter top dispensers designed to cool and dispense non-carbonated drinks.
There are two main lines:
- Maestrale Extra P: with a magnetic pump with attractive fountain effect;
- Maestrale Extra AA: with a slow stirring paddle with mechanical drive especially designed for drinks that cannot be kept in magnetic pump dispensers because they are delicate.
12 or 20 litre capacity, shockproof, food grade polycarbonate bowls. 
Models with a gravity tap and/or stirring paddle with magnetic drive (Maestrale Extra A) are available on request.


TURIA Line dispensers have been designed to cool and mix natural drinks like natural fruit juices, “horchata de chufa” or almond milk.
They have a large, round, transparent, shockproof, food grade polycarbonate bowl with 12 or 19 litre capacity.
The paddle is designed to stir the beverage and prevent deposits or sediment from forming.
They have a stainless steel cabinet.

Elegant counter top dispenser specially designed for mixing and preparing hot chocolate and other hot drinks.
Maximum product visibility increases sales and profits. 
The 3 or 5 litre capacity, shockproof, food-grade polycarbonate bowl can be easily removed even if full. The tap can be completely removed for perfect cleaning. The drink temperature setting can be adjusted with a manual or electronic thermostat.
The “gold” and “silver” versions complement the range and can be inserted in highly demanding environments.


RE.COR.D. dispenser with a modern, compact look ideal for hot water soluble products. 
With this dispenser, you can offer customers a wide range of hot drinks including barley coffee, ginseng coffee, hot chocolate and herbal teas. 
Elegant, compact and with a large display area to promote the products offered.
A smart card version is available on request for total control of the product consuption.

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