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Desert Rose Diamond


Cafes Novell
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Who Are We

Desert Rose Diamond is a SME established in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman in 2006 with prime focus in meeting the growing demands for the HORECA industry by fulfilling their standards and to find solutions for the sector. 


Proud to say that we have evolved since and been a foundation for many new F & B business and been an exclusive Vending supporter for various Corporate in and around the Sultanate.

We are the exclusive distributor for the international brands like Cafes Novell,

Beyond the Bean,BlendtecAzkoyen,Elektra,Gaggia and many more for the Sultanate of Oman.

We are your one-stop solution for all your hot and cold beverage needs!

This is DRD.


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Why clients choose us?

Excellent product & performance

We are committed to providing you with the perfect espresso. The meticulous selection, import and roasting of our coffees is what seduces your senses. Our aim is both to offer you an excellent blend coming from the best coffee growing regions in the world, and to provide you with all the necessary tools to maintain the highest quality in every cup.

Revenue increase

Tradition, innovation and professionalism at your service. The constant launch of new products that meet the changing market needs, together with a comprehensive customer service and a long-lasting tradition in the business make are what distinguish us.

Training and Support

At DRD, we make sure you not only get your product but pre and post training and support so that you get the best out of the product you have. This single fact makes us different from others. We have our expertise in training for vending machine operations,barista,cold drinks and complete support in establishing menus,activating new drinks and much more. 


Vending Solution

New Era 

Azkoyen Vending Systems is the vending division of our company, which specializes in finding and executing the right vending solution for you.  


The company is marked by a strong focus on staying ahead of our customers’ needs and demands, aiding and motivating their day-to-day work and helping them respond to changes in consumer lifestyles.

For Every Taste

We have tailor crafted vending machines for every requirement. We can provide a fantastic range of hot drinks, snacks, cold drinks and food vending machines, plus tabletop and office coffee machines. These can be provided on a fully managed or self-fill basis, with a variety of finance options, from outright purchase, to leasing or rental terms.

From fresh Novell Coffee bean grinded Espressos to the classic Karak Tea, you name it, we have them all!

Dedicated Sales Support

Our aim is to create a perfect link between machine, product and user, always accompanied by a detailed study of the needs of your company to offer you a tailor-made solution. We work with the latest generation machines, developed with our own technology, and naturally mobile payment systems, Visa, Novell Smartcard/Key or even with the individual corporate card of each company. We can offer you whatever solution you may need, you only need to ask.

Dedicated Technical Support

Our experienced set of technicians are present to take care of your questions, program the drinks upto your expectations and be available even during the rush of the hour.


We Care

Introducing New NO WASTE Compostable Coffee Capsules

The Novell compostable capsules are our personal revolution against the large quantities of coffee capsules thrown away every day, and which will take a century to disappear into the environment. That’s 19 million capsules every day! Tons of irreversible waste that just increases the contamination of our planet.



Made with a blend of organic coffee that ensures an excellent body, flavour, strength and creaminess.

At last, responsible pleasure in a unique cup of coffee.

Cold Beverage Solution


Innovation on your Menus

Sweetbird (Beyond the Bean) is all about getting creative with ingredients and flavours then pouring this into everything we do so you can make drinks that look and taste delicious every time. Obsessed with perfection, we atrive to spot new trends and continually experiment with ingredients and recipes – using natural ingredients where possible. This helps us ensure that the Sweetbird product range not only tastes exceptional but delivers the innovation, versatility and simplicity customers are looking for too.

Download Arena

Get to know us better

We are convinced of the importance of being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the workplace. A good coffee is comforting and helps us to recharge our batteries. In addition, the coffee break is a good time to socialise and strengthen relationships with colleagues. Our Companies service aims to offer a series of flexible benefits, including top quality products, with the latest technological and environmentally-friendly features.


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